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1. 1pc Marinated sausage 39,-
2. 2pc Marinated cheese type „Camembert“ 75,-
3. 100g Tartar steak of Salmon, toast 159,-
4. 100g Tartar beef, 3 pcs of rost bread 149,-
(3,4 only on request)

5. 0.25l Soup of the Day 35,-

6. 1pc Grilled sausage with mustard and horseradish 75,-
7. 2pcs Toast „Vočko“ 89,-
(Spicy meat mixture on toast baked with cheese)
MEATLESS DISHES8. 120g Fried Edam cheese 90,-
9. 100g Fried Camembert cheese type 95,-

10. Caprese 115,-
11. Salad Caesar with Chicken nuggets 165,-
12. Salad Caesar with grilled pieces of Salmon 189,-
13. Small sallad with sheep cheese 85,-

14. 0,04l Becherovka 299,-/*220,-
Soup of the Day
¼*Roast duck with white and red cabbage,
Czech dumplings
Strudel with vanilla sauce and whipped cream, esspresso

15. 0,04l Becherovka 249,-/*175,-
Soup of the Day
200g*Old Prague goulash with sauteed onion and Pepperoncini
Czech dumplings, potato pancakes
Strudel with vanilla sauce and whipped cream, esspresso

16. 0,04l Becherovka 239,-/*165,-
Soup of the Day
350g*Halušky (potaoe gnocci) with cabbage and smoked meat
Strudel with vanilla sauce and whipped cream, esspresso

17. 1pc wb Roast pork knuckle in dark beer 295,-
with spicy mustard, onion and horseradish
18. 600g Mix grill special 690,-
(rump steak, pork, chicken breast onions, peppers, bacon,
green beans with bacon, roasted rosemary potatoes with spicy bbq sauce)
19. 300g Mix grill (rumpsteak, pork, chicken breast) 267,-
20. 600g Made in Czech XXL 690,-
(½ roasted duch, ½ roast pork knuckle in dark beer, grilled sausage, bacon,
red and white cabbage, variation of Czech dumplings, potatoe pancakes)
21. Czech plate 350,-
(1/4 roasted duch, 200gr roast pork knuckle in dark beer, grilled sausage, bacon, red and white cabbage, variation of Czech dumpling)
22. 150g Duck´s breast with red wine and plum sauce (wild art) 195,-
food for more than one person

23. 1pc Trout with parsley´s potatoes 199,-
24. 200g Grilled steak of salmon on thyme 220,-

25. 200g Chicken steak with wild mushroom´s - cream sauce 175,-
26. 200g Small piece of chicken with grilled vegetable 235,-
and potaoes gratinated with cheese
27. 200g Tender chicken nuggets with lime pepper 175,-
and sour cream
28. 200g Fried chicken steak 169,-

29. 300g Grilled pork marinated in spicy sauce 195,-
(served on a platter with red onion,
mustard and horseradish)
30. 200g Grilled pork neck with Olomouc cheese 175,-
(beer cheese)
31. 600g wb Marinated roast ribs, garlic dip 199,-
32. 200g Fried pork steak 169,-

33. 200g Rumpsteakon green peper 225,-
34. 200g Homemade burger “Vočko“, french fries 195,-

35. 2pcs Apple pie (Štrúdl) with raisins and whipped cream 65,-
36. Ice cream with hot rapsberry and cream sauce 75,-
37. 2pcs Potatoe´s dumplings with plum butter and gingerbread 75,-

38. 200g Mashed potatoes with onion and bacon 45,-
39. 200g Roasted potatoes with rosemary 40,-
40. 200g French Fries 40,-
41. 200g Boiled butter potatoes 35,-
42. 4pcs Potato pancakes 55,-
43. 4pcs Variation of Czech dumplings 40,-
44. 200g Grilled vegetable 69,-
45. 150g Cabbage 35,-
46. 150g Greenbeens with bacon 59,-
47. 1por. Ketchup , tartar sauce, bbq, mustard 15,-
48. 6pcs Basket of bread 20,-
served only for main dishes